Decentralized Trading Protocol

Get your Transaction fees as Knot Tokens everytime you trade or Swap instantly.

A Decentralized Trading Protocol that Rewards.

Get back your trading fee in KnotToken anytime you make a Trade on the KnotSwap and join the millions of Users with guranteed liquidity.


A growing Decentralized Protocol

Join the growing community of milllions of liquidity providers and Traders Participating in the financial Market that is Open to All.


All Time Volume


Liquidity Providers


Defi Integrations

Over 20M

All time Trades

A Global Community.

Learn more about Knot Finance, chat with the team, the vibrant community and then have your say in the Growing Community

KnotFinance 2021 Roadmap

Q1 2021


Team Formation
LitePaper Development
Platform Development
Initial Marketing

Q2 2021


Test Launch of KnotSwap
Token Sale
Initial Listing
Marketing / Promotion

Q3 2021

Launch Of the KnotSWap

KnotPaper v1
Staking Launch
High APY Yield Farming
CEX Listing

Q4 2021

Launch Of the KnotSWap

KnotBridge Launch
NFT MarketPlace
NFT Farming

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KnotFinance having any token sales?

KnotFinance is currently not having any token sales, however the community will be informed through various official channels whenever there is such event coming up

What is the ETA for KnotSwap?

KnotSwap is expected to be launched in Q2 2021

What is the Total Supply of the $Knot Token?

The total Supply of $KNOT is 100,000,000 $KNOT and no new token can ever be minted

What Blockchain is KnotFinance built on?

KnotFinance $KNOT is built on the ETH/BSC Blockchain, we would explore other blockchain soon.

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